From Dskonnect Bookings, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Bug to our roster for Spain and LATAM.

A Pioneer in Electronic Music

Steve Bug is a pioneering figure in electronic music, known for his relentless pursuit of quality and his influential label Poker Flat. His versatile talent as a DJ, producer, and label owner has earned him the title of “gentleman of techno”. Growing up in Germany, he was drawn to a hybrid sound that blends deep house, acid, and minimal techno.

Career and Achievements

Throughout his career, Steve Bug has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality, both in his own work and in the many producers he has championed. His dedication and innovative energy have led Resident Advisor to call him the “gentleman of techno”. His professionalism and work ethic are evident in his roles as a composer, producer, and owner of Poker Flat Recordings, a label whose influence on European house and techno cannot be overstated.

Having grown up during Germany’s techno and acid-house heyday, Steve Bug’s love for the perfect groove remains as strong now as it was then. His DJ skills and keen, innovative ear led him towards a fresh, hybrid sound, merging stripped deep house, tweaked out acid, and more minimal forms of techno and electronic music.

Recognitions and Collaborations

Although dedicated to his own labels, primarily Poker Flat, Steve Bug’s talents have naturally attracted the attention of other major labels. Bedrock, Knee Deep In Sound, Minus, Cocoon, and Defected are just some of the labels that have championed his original tracks and remixes.

Moreover, Steve Bug is one of the few electronic artists capable of releasing full-length albums, having released six studio albums over the past two decades.

Sublease Music: A New Chapter

Steve Bug launched Sublease Music, a sub-label of Poker Flat aimed at promoting deeper, more club-ready tracks from emerging talents. Sublease was set up to provide a platform for exceptionally talented producers, maintaining the ethos with which Steve originally founded Poker Flat. Celebrating 20 years of Poker Flat, Sublease Music brings a different sound to the world.

Latest Releases

·Tweak It (Like This) – Rejected

·Igray (Steve Bug Remix) – Poker Flat Recordings

·It Just Happened EP – Nu Groove Records

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