Factor City celebrates 20 years with new vinyl releases from Undo

The Factor City Story: Continuous Innovation

Since its founding in 2003 with the release of “Noctámbula” by Undo and Vicknoise, Factor City has been synonymous with innovation in electronic music. Over the years, they produced memorable hits like “Orca” and “Happy Monday”. Since 2011, Undo has been running the label solo, maintaining the same spirit and unique sound.


Undo – Good Times
Undo & Vicknoise – Electric Rainbow
Undo & Casiowaves – Secret Worlds
Undo & Casiowaves – Astralia



2024: A New Chapter in Vinyl

In a digital world where music is mainly consumed via streaming, Factor City is taking a different path. In 2024, the label returns to vinyl releases, with a relaxed and selective approach, presenting few but carefully curated productions.

Ciudad Futura: New Releases

“Good Times” by Undo opens the new release, radiating joy and positive energy with its mix of analog synthesizers and drum machines. The second track on side A is “Electric Rainbow”, the first collaboration in 15 years between Undo and Vicknoise, offering a delightful electro-disco track.

On side B, Undo and Casiowaves continue their collaboration with “Secret Worlds”, a track that blends retro synthesizers with modern production, followed by “Astralia”, a vibrant synth pop anthem full of energy.

Freeride Millenium Presents “Queer Base, Vol. 2”

Meanwhile, Jorkes’ label Freeride Millenium has released the charity album “Queer Base vol.2”, featuring the track “Astronauta” by Undo. This 19-track LP showcases stars of alternative electronic music, with all proceeds going to Queer Base, a Vienna-based organization supporting LGBTQI+ refugees with social and legal counseling, court case assistance, housing, and more.

These releases highlight Factor City’s commitment to innovative music and their support for important causes. Don’t miss these exciting new projects!

Freeride Millenium pres. Queer Base, Vol. 2

1.Polygonia – Cheeky Seduction 06:46
2.HCL – Brown Channel 06:12
3.NIKKNAME – Nerve Nerve 08:19
4.Massimiliano Pagliara – Distant Memory 04:33
5.Delicate Features – Northern Line 05:03
6.Benjamin Fröhlich – Don´t Let Go 05:55
7.Undo – Astronauta 04:53
8.Jorkes – Sissification 05:05
9.CYRK – Fade 2 Gay 05:52
10.Günce Aci – Whatever It Takes 05:07
11.Zombie Affair, Zombies In Miami, Mystery Affair – Girl, You Got Me! 04:41
12.Olive T – Say Something 04:13
13.Panooc – Pellucid 05:37
14.Jules Etienne & Luigi Di Venere – Blue Tit 04:54
15.Venice Arms – Stranger Danger 06:31
16.Dzc. – Dimensions 04:35
17.Maruwa – Need It 05:02
18.Lydia Eisenblätter – What Is Love 06:02
19.Mala Ika – Kinder Der Natch 05:22

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