Steve Bug se Une al Roster de Dskonnect Bookings para España y LATAM

From Dskonnect Bookings, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Bug to our roster for Spain and LATAM. A Pioneer in Electronic Music Steve Bug is a pioneering figure in electronic music, known for his relentless pursuit of quality and his influential label Poker Flat. His versatile talent as a DJ, producer, and […]

Dskonnect Bookings, anuncia una emocionante nueva colaboración con Irène Drésel.

Dear Friends and Promoters From Dskonnect Bookings, we are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration with the talented French artist Irène Drésel. A Revolutionary Artist Irène Drésel made history in 2023 by becoming the first woman to win the César Award for Best Original Music. Her vibrant and direct techno music creates a unique sensory […]

No_ip Takes the Spotlight

  No_ip’s recent appearance on the prestigious Circoloco Radio Show was nothing short of spectacular. Known for bringing together the titans of electronic music, this show is the perfect platform for no_ip to showcase their talent. The mix presented by no_ip was a masterpiece, blending the essence of the Circoloco sound with their own innovative […]

"Ego Is The Enemy", de Giorgia Angiuli, ya a la venta en Artcore Records

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Giorgia Angiuli’s latest track, “Ego Is The Enemy,” now available on Artcore Records. Giorgia’s unique blend of electronic music has captivated audiences worldwide, and this track is no exception. Why “Ego Is The Enemy”? In a world where self-confidence is often mistaken for success, Giorgia reminds us that […]

Dskonnect: Una web renovada con una nueva identidad

La agencia Dskonnect se complace en presentar su plataforma en línea renovada. Con una identidad fresca y moderna, el nuevo sitio web ofrece a los amantes de la música electrónica una experiencia única. Explora las secciones de ARTIST DATES, ROSTER, DSKTEAM y DSKNEWS, todas meticulosamente diseñadas por la innovadora agencia de marketing. BAJO. Centrado exclusivamente en el sector de la música electrónica, BASSSE aporta su experiencia para elevar la presencia digital de Dskonnect.

Raxon calienta Warung Recordings con 'Come Together'

Talented producer Raxon is back with a new track that promises to ignite dance floors. Titled “Come Together,” this powerful gem blends melodic elements with a hypnotic rhythmic foundation. Get ready for a unique sonic experience as Raxon takes us on a journey through his musical vision. Raxon, the artist born in Egypt and currently based in […]

dOP Live: Fusión de músicas innovadoras de París y Barcelona

 En Dskonnect, estamos encantados de anunciar nuestra colaboración global con dOP Live, un dúo extraordinario que ha dejado una huella imborrable en la escena de la música electrónica durante más de 17 años. Provenientes de las vibrantes ciudades de París y Barcelona, ​​los miembros de dOP han llevado su música a nuevas alturas, desafiando convenciones y creando experiencias sonoras únicas.

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