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Marc Barceló Perich


Birth Date: 10 Marzo 1978

Place Of Birth: Vinaros-Castellón

Since 2003, Marc Barceló has been dedicated to the world of artist booking & mgmt through his own agency, Dskonnect. After a few initial years focused on the national territory, the agency’s roster of artists soon expanded to include artists who granted us global representation, and our focus shifted from national to global.
Before to be 100% focused on Dskonnect, Marc was working on some other music projects in Castelló De La Plana, city that he moved to study Technical Engineering in Industrial Design .Music has been always his passion and the promotion of music has been something he felt in love with
He started to play as a dj in Castellón de la Plana, and he has been working as a promoter too. We can say he has been playing or doing his own events in all the clubs in Castellón between 2000 and 2015 approx
He was working in some music magazines, writing about music / distributing / acting as comercial, for the top magazines existing in the city then: Mondo Sonoro, .H, alittlebeat, and his own CODE Magazine (with his friend and founder who sadly passed away recently Ismael Llopis Serrano)
Was on a dinner & party of the alittlebeat magazine in Valencia where he met Dani, Marc was taking care of the section of Castellón and Dani was taking care of the section of Alicante & Murcia, so the magazine seat them together 20 years ago, and here they are, rocking this business!
Marc was working as a promoter in clubs for many years, but he realized the easiest way to make money for him was to run his own clubs and bars, so he was running the Groovy Beach Club during four summers (2001 to 2004) just after this he started to run the Unno Caffe, that buyed 2 years later together with Pablo Marinbuck, and he converted it on 2006 in BEAT (Indietronic Bar) that he has been running for more than 10 years, he has been playing as a resident dj the 40% of the nights approx), they sold the bar in 2016 but the bar continue with the same name and the same music direction that Marc marked, and we can still say is the Number 1 little club in Castellón
During four years together with Pablo Armengot they owned and runned the Fraguel Rock historic pub in Benicàssim
After the Fraguel Rock pub he owned and runned together with his new partner Heny Diaz the Boom Club in Benicàssim, from 2014 to 2018. Of course Marc has been playing, programming and booking all the acts in his own clubs, always doing a mix of electronic, pop, rock..
On a parallel side to the clubs, Marc has been always working on the booking business.
Just when he met Dani Koala around 2004, they decided to join the DFE Group (Dress for Excess, Love Reactor, Dskonnect), together with Ximo Amat and Elena Miquel, but after 2 years they decided to split with them and just focus on the Dskonnect project, they have been working together as partners during 20 years
He is partner and booker of the agency X/ACT Bookings, from 2019 to the present, a side project of Dskonnect with Dani Koala and Shlomi Aber.


  • He was involved in the launch of the Electrosplash festival, in 2003, playing in the first edition and taking care of the early years
  • He was the co-mgmt with Asja Tomasi of Giorgia Angiuli, between 2017 and 2019
  • Co-founder and director of the publishing house Dskonnect Publishing, from 2021 to the present
  • He launched the DSK Records label with Dani Koala to celebrate the 20 years of Dskonnect on 2023
  • He performed many times as a speaker about booking & mgmt at electronic music schools; like Beatlabs Barcelona or Millenia in Valencia
  • He is now the booker of the new Bella Fuerza Festival in Alicante, taking care of


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