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It is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce that after more than 20 years in the world of booking and artist management, we are embarking on a new project with the launch of our own record label:


Raxon - This Is The Way


Rivellino - Stay Low


no_ip - Block The System


Husa & Zeyada - Face Of Time
Stephan Barnem - Clouds


Amirali - U
Golden Virgo - Mental Recycles


Fedele - Thunder Ride
Oxia - Evidence


Shall Ocin - Growling
GusGus - Eða?


Affkt - Gaman
Giorgia Angiuli - Pray


Timo Maas & Marc Romboy - Yume No Yōna


Damon Jee - Afterhour
Gardens Of God - Infinity


Raxon - The Fall
no_ip - My Place

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