dOP Live: Merging Innovative Music from Paris and Barcelona

 At Dskonnect, we are thrilled to announce our global collaboration with dOP Live, an extraordinary duo that has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene for over 17 years. Hailing from the vibrant cities of Paris and Barcelona, dOP’s members have taken their music to new heights, challenging conventions and creating unique sonic experiences.

dOP Live in dskonnect booking. dOP live consisting of Clement Aichelbaum, Damien Vandesande, and Jonathan Illel, is a musical project that transcends genres and borders. Their eclectic approach and ability to blend elements of house, techno, and jazz have captivated audiences worldwide. Throughout their career, they have released music on renowned labels such as Circus Company and Mobilee, establishing themselves as true innovators in the industry.

Yet dOP’s global reputation extends beyond their studio productions. It is on stage where they truly shine. Their live performances are multisensory experiences that combine music, visuals, and pure energy. Now, dOP is taking their art a step further by incorporating analog equipment into their shows. Vintage synthesizers, classic drum machines, and modular effects intertwine with their creativity, creating magical moments that directly connect with the audience.

The choice of analog is deliberate

The choice of analog is deliberate. For dOP, it is a way to maintain authenticity and spontaneity in their music. Every note, every texture, is shaped in real time, free from digital constraints. The interaction between the duo members and their gear is palpable, and each performance becomes a unique journey.

But dOP’s story doesn’t stop on stage. Their love for music has led them to collaborate with artists from various disciplines. They have composed soundtracks for films, participated in multimedia art projects, and explored new forms of expression. Their approach is always fresh, always restless.

At Dskonnect, we take pride in being part of this journey. Our collaboration with dOP Live is a testament to our shared passion for electronic music and the constant pursuit of artistic excellence. Whether you want to experience the magic of dOP live or have any special requests, feel free to contact us. We’re here for you.

dOP’s music is a reminder that creativity knows no bounds. It’s a call to explore, break barriers, and continue seeking the extraordinary. Join us on this journey and discover the unique sound of dOP Live.

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