Raxon Heats Up Warung Recordings with ‘Come Together’

Talented producer Raxon is back with a new track that promises to ignite dance floors. Titled “Come Together,” this powerful gem blends melodic elements with a hypnotic rhythmic foundation. Get ready for a unique sonic experience as Raxon takes us on a journey through his musical vision.

Raxon, the artist born in Egypt and currently based in Barcelona, has proven that passion and determination can take you wherever you want to be. Over days, nights, months, and years in the studio, he has crafted revered releases on the world’s most sought-after labels. His love for music dates back to the ’90s when he was a teenager, and his influences span from rock and hip-hop to trance, house music, and science fiction films. In 2014, Raxon settled in the inspiring city of Barcelona, where he began releasing music with respected electronic music labels like Kompakt, Ellum, and Cocoon. As a DJ with over 20 years of experience, his exposure to diverse trends has contributed to shaping the distinctive melodic and refined techno sound he is known for.

The new track “Come Together” is a masterpiece that combines dance floor energy with captivating emotional depth. Raxon has captured the essence of electronic music in this production, and his ability to merge melodic elements with an underground sensibility is undeniable. The main melody, with its bright arpeggios and hypnotic progression, envelops and transports listeners into a trance-like state. The meticulously crafted rhythmic foundation drives the groove and invites non-stop movement. .

“Come Together” is now available on Warung Recordings. You can listen to it down. Additionally, if you want to explore more of Raxon’s music, I recommend checking out his album “The Fall My Place” on Bandcamp or his profile on SoundCloud.

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