Giorgia Angiuli’s “Ego Is The Enemy” Out Now on Artcore Records

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Giorgia Angiuli’s latest track, “Ego Is The Enemy,” now available on Artcore Records. Giorgia’s unique blend of electronic music has captivated audiences worldwide, and this track is no exception. Why “Ego Is The Enemy”? In a world where self-confidence is often mistaken for success, Giorgia reminds us that […]

Dskonnect: A Renewed Web with a Fresh Identity

The Dskonnect agency is excited to introduce its revamped online platform. With a fresh and modern identity, the new website offers electronic music enthusiasts a unique experience. Explore the sections of ARTIST DATES, ROSTER, DSKTEAM, and DSKNEWS, all meticulously crafted by the innovative marketing agency BASSSE. Focused exclusively on the electronic music sector, BASSSE brings its expertise to elevate Dskonnect’s digital presence.

Raxon Heats Up Warung Recordings with ‘Come Together’

Talented producer Raxon is back with a new track that promises to ignite dance floors. Titled “Come Together,” this powerful gem blends melodic elements with a hypnotic rhythmic foundation. Get ready for a unique sonic experience as Raxon takes us on a journey through his musical vision. Raxon, the artist born in Egypt and currently based in […]

dOP Live: Merging Innovative Music from Paris and Barcelona

 At Dskonnect, we are thrilled to announce our global collaboration with dOP Live, an extraordinary duo that has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene for over 17 years. Hailing from the vibrant cities of Paris and Barcelona, dOP’s members have taken their music to new heights, challenging conventions and creating unique sonic experiences.

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